Advance your systems!

Out-of-the-box is not enough!

Acquiring the right software is the first step. Customizing it to fit your business model is the next step. 


Application Development


Out-of-the-Box solutions are not sufficient. As your business expands and becomes more successful so does the need for more sophisticated solutions.


Let's Tech provides application development services such as:


  • Programming - .NET Platform, Eclypse, C#, VB, Java

  • Wed Development - HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript

  • Mobile Application Development

  • Desktop & Console Application Development


Database Development

Data Continuity

Let's Tech provides Database Development for DBMS such as SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL. We can maintain existing database environments and provide support such as:


  • Assist with schema design, code review, SQL query tuning

  • Install and upgrade DBMS installations

  • Write and deploy SQL patches

  • Assist with Database backups 


Systems Integration

Systems Continuity

Let's Tech provides computer system integration support such as creating

routines to pull data from different data sources and load to the appropriate destination source system. For example, we can extract data from your Financial system to your Reporting system.


Our integration services include:


  • Data Extraction from one or more source systems

  • Data Transformation 

  • Data Load data across one or more data stores


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